Cordoba 9, Coveta Fuma, Spain
Cordoba 9
Cordoba 9,Coveta Fuma , Alicante, Spain

Property Details:

  • Large Bedrooms: 4
  • Full Bathrooms: 3
  • Guest bathroom: 1
    All bedrooms with closets
  • Parcella: 1250 m2
  • Superficies utiles: 405 m2
  • Terrace: 5
  • Chimeney: 2
  • Pool: Private
  • Garden: Private
  • Large Private Garage: 3 - 4 cars
Air conditioning
Game room in the basement with build-in bar
Very private and gated
Many large balconies and patios on each floor
Roof top patio with a great view of the sea and mountains
Large living room with fire place
Open kitchen with appliances
Each room has own patio/balcony
BBQ area
Back yard with palm trees
Sea View from one side and a beautiful view of the valley and mountains from another side
Photo and video gallery
The interior was made in the style of minimalism.
The cost of the villa
The price includes all household appliances.
Rate is based at $12000 per 1 BTC.
68 BTC
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